by: Emma Veale

Long term and married couples should never stop dating each other! Weekly date nights will help keep your relationship on track and keep those butterflies alive, no matter how long you have been together. This article will show you how to make sure your date nights are both special and effective, every week. For us, date night is cheap. In fact, we set a $30 budget every week. This helps keep us creative, rather than going to the same restaurant or to the movies week after week.

Step 1: Set a regular weekly date night.

Find one day every week that is yours and yours alone. Nothing should get in the way of your weekly date night if you can help it! We like to do our dates on Wednesday nights; it helps break up the week and sets us up for the weekend with a lovely night together to ensure we are in a good mood. Sometimes we negotiate and move our date night to the weekends, if there is something that comes up or if we want to do something that requires daylight.

Step 2: Take it in turns to take responsibility for date night.

The same lovebird shouldn’t organize date night EVERY week. Take it in turns to organize the night’s activities to keep things fresh! Try thinking about what your partner likes to do (after all, you are taking them out for the night) rather than what you would like to do. If you’re stuck for ideas, visit our website: www.thirtydollardatenight.com. Hundreds of creative, fun, cheap ideas are there to choose from. The cheesier and cheaper it is, the more you will laugh. The more you laugh, the more happy hormones you get. The more happy hormones you get, the more in love you will feel!

Step 3: Put some effort into your appearance!

You probably sit around in trackies most of the time, hair not done, slippers on… for one night a week at least, put in some effort! Do your hair, spray on some perfume/cologne and put a splash of make up on. Get into your nice clothes and make it a special night out.

Step 4: Ban all distractions

Friends and children (however much we love them) do not belong on date night neither do mobile phones, blackberries or anything else that will interrupt your time together. Even if you are staying in for your date night at home, make sure the computer is turned off and the mobile phones are put away. Just for a few hours, make your time together sacred. Your relationship will thank you for it.



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